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Dallas Lands at Ninth Place for Movers in 2023, U-Haul Trends Report

Dallas has secured a spot as a top destination for movers in 2023, according to U-Haul’s annual migration trends report. The company, which tracks the number of one-way rentals, has placed Dallas at the ninth position on its list. This indicates a continuous inflow of newcomers to the Dallas metroplex, making it one of the nation’s hotspots for relocation. U-Haul’s Growth Index, which is calculated from over 2.5 million one-way truck rentals, shows that do-it-yourself movers arriving in Dallas accounted for 50% of all one-way U-Haul traffic, according to WFAA.

Florida has been leading the charts with Palm Bay-Melbourne taking the top spot for movers, while Texas cities including Austin, College Station-Bryan, and Dallas have also had a strong showing. “Austin was the top-ranked Texas city, finishing fifth,” as reported by FOX 4 News. The attraction to Dallas isn’t just a numbers game, with U-Haul Company of East Dallas president Ken Cummingham highlighting that “The culture here is great. People from all over the world move here and come together. Dallas is a melting pot”, per WFAA.

The influx has not gone unnoticed, as crowded roads, out-of-state license plates, and a visual increase in U-Haul trucks point to a growing population. The movement reflects upon a city grappling with the ways that an increasing populace shapes its infrastructure, economy, and cultural landscape. U-Haul has been keeping up with the high demand, with the company recently adding two new U-Box warehouses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to cater to the needs of movers.

Overall, the trend of relocation to southern cities remains strong, with Florida and Texas dominating U-Haul’s top 25 moving destination list. This marks Texas’s third consecutive year topping the list in net growth, marking a significant moment in the state’s growth narrative. “We’ve seen an influx of U-Haul trucks coming in, which means people are coming to Dallas to stay,” Ken Cummingham said. With thriving economic opportunities and a culturally rich environment, Dallas is setting itself up as a beloved home for new residents hailing from diverse origins, as per WFAA.

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