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Getting a few quotes from multiple gutter installation companies will help you choose the best one for your home, budget and needs. We share a few more of the best tips for choosing the right gutter installation company below.

Licenses and Professional Accreditation

Gutter installation companies need to be licensed in most states and in Sacramento, gutter installation companies do need a license to perform services.

As you weigh potential companies, be sure to ask them to provide their license information. Trustworthy companies should be able to provide any relevant license, insurance and permit information so that you can perform a search online to double-check them.

Customer Reviews

A company may appear great at first glance with its flashy ads and promising low prices. However, none of this matters if the reviews are mostly negative. With this in mind, your top priority when choosing a gutter installation company should be gathering and comparing reviews from at least three different platforms like Google, Yelp or Trustpilot. Alternatively, you can ask three neighbors or friends about their experiences with a company to get a better sense of the company’s work.

Take caution if you see lots of positive reviews that are all outdated by at least six months. It’s possible that a company may no longer provide the same level of service that it had previously. To find the most reputable options, look for companies with plenty of positive reviews from the last few months.

Types and Available Styles

There are seemingly endless options for gutter types and styles, and you’re sure to come across more and more as you start shopping. With all these possibilities, it’s important to do plenty of research to find the best possible gutter option for your home.

The most common gutter materials you’ll come across are vinyl, aluminum, galvanized steel, zinc and copper. Each material has its pros and cons and factors that make it unique. We broke down each type below:


Also known as PVC gutters, vinyl gutters are DIY-friendly because they’re fairly easy to install and they’re also more affordable than other materials. You’ll pay around $900 on average nationally for 100 feet of vinyl gutters. It’s important to note, however, that vinyl gutters aren’t as durable as many other materials and may not hold up to extreme weather very well.


Aluminum gutters are durable and affordable, costing around $950 for 100 feet. They also last longer than vinyl gutters and come in many different color options. One drawback? Aluminum gutters can corrode over time, so keep an eye out for rust and act quickly if you see it.

Galvanized Steel

If you want gutters that stick around for the long haul, galvanized steel is worth considering. This gutter type is generally low-maintenance and durable, but all the pros come at a price: This material costs more than aluminum and vinyl gutters on average. However, galvanized steel gutters usually pair well with any shingle type.


Another long-lasting material, zinc gutters will stick around for decades—many estimates put their lifespan around 80 years. However, all that longevity can cost a pretty penny: The national average cost for zinc gutters can go as high as $5,000 for 100 feet. You’ll also likely need to have them professionally installed, a factor that can drive up the cost.


Although copper gutters aren’t exactly customizable, many love their look, especially as they age. Over time, they’ll develop a patina that gives your home a unique aesthetic. Not only do they get more beautiful over time, but copper gutters can last a long time, too—they can stick around for 60 to 100 years. On average, copper gutters can cost $3,600 for 100 feet, making them more expensive than many other gutter types. You’ll also need to get them professionally installed.

Warranties and Workmanship Guarantees

Though licensing and permits follow state policies and regulations, warranties and workmanship guarantees vary by company. For example, one company may choose not to guarantee lifetime gutter repair while another will.

If you’re purchasing new gutters, you’ll likely have some type of warranty, but the length and parameters may also depend on the material you choose. Copper gutters, for instance, last up to three times longer than vinyl gutters on average.

Find an Established Gutter Company

It’s wise to strongly consider long-standing gutter installation companies near you. Companies with a strong reputation and history should have plenty of experience with your local weather patterns and temperature averages and be able to suggest materials that make sense for them. And, because this isn’t their first rodeo, these companies may also have existing relationships with suppliers and manufacturers.

However, length of service isn’t everything, so be sure to do plenty of research on Sacramento gutter companies, even those that have been around for decades.

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